The English word "Philosophy" derives from two words in ancient Greek: PHILO (Love) and SOPHOS (Wisdom). In this venerable sense, Philosophy is love of wisdom. It is a pursuit not an outcome. It is a way of life. Professionally, and in this ancient sense, Philosophy has afforded me a beautiful life. 

I was born in the U.S., in Seattle, and grew up in sunny Southern California. I received my B.A. in English Literature and my M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy. Happily, I trained in both academic and spiritual traditions with people whom I still admire. For many decades, I have enjoyed a charmed and creative academic career. I taught Women's Studies, Humanities, Honours seminars on ignorance and discovery, and not a few fascinating Philosophy classes; I co-created innovative programmes and activities on medical ignorance at the University of Arizona Medical School, where I was Philosopher-in-Residence. I have designed innovative education courses and curricula; mentored and consulted; offered participatory workshops on several continents; and fashioned poetry, essays, and fiction.

Emigrating to New Zealand, I became Auckland University of Technology's (AUT) Philosopher-in-Residence and, over a decade ago, began speaking regularly on Radio New Zealand's Nights with Bryan Crump about philosophy and philosophers. In a far more conventional role and setting than I had earlier known, I taught Ethics in AUT's Faculty of Business and Law. In early 2013 I retired to focus on my Intuitive Reiki-Spirit Healing practice and to teach Reiki classes in Mt. Eden. I offer lively participatory workshops, classes, and activities. Thus I continue to meet many extraordinary philo sophia—lovers of wisdom.


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