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An Ancient Science

Philosopher William James once observed that the greatest obstacle to discovering truth may be the rest of our truths. As we commit to allowing our intuition to flourish, we may have illusions about how “real psychics” work which hinder our potential intuitive development. In a rare opportunity, two respected professional intuitives will share how they work, how they learned to work, and will answer all your questions. Expect intuitive fun and games and electronic follow-up. 

Follow-up information and activities are included in the course fee. 

Price:  $95 (includes electronic follow-up) 

Registration:  Pay $30 non-refundable electronic deposit in advance and the remainder on the workshop day. 

Spaces are limited! 

Please Note: 
It is important, for intuitive development, to be in a safe, supportive community. Offering these workshops as a series allows you to “journey” with the same people during and between workshops and thus, together, to blossom.