“Ann Kerwin is one of the most incredibly talented intuitive healers I have ever met. She is powerful and clear in her insights and kind and loving in her expression of them. She has been helping people find their own truths, creating self-empowerment for decades, which is a magnificent gift. I have been going to Ann for guidance and healing for almost two decades and she is the one I seek counsel with for my deepest challenges. Anyone who works with Ann will feel safe and deeply cared for, she is a brilliant healer!”

S.R., Boulder, Colorado, USA Avery

“Ann is a magnificent conductor of spiritual energy. She is very plugged into the universal mind and is a very loving, safe presence. I have always been able to go to Ann when I have had any significant energetic or spiritual hurdles in my life and have consistently received wise and loving counsel. I recommend her without hesitation to anybody who wants to open themselves up to their spiritual potential and I trust her completely.”

S.C., Auckland, New Zealand

“Ann is one of those people who only sees good in others. This not only creates a safe space to heal, it also creates a space where people can get in touch with how amazing they could be, if only they would let themselves. I have known Ann for several years now, and her awareness of spirit and energies, and her ability to translate what she is picking up into practical guidance, are very highly developed. She has a knack for putting what she sees into words that empower and touch people's hearts, and I would very readily send any of my dearest friends and family to go see her.”

C.P., Auckland, New Zealand

“Ann Kerwin is an amazing teacher and healer. She is also a very gifted intuitive. I have found her information to be very accurate and helpful. Ann is also VERY generous with her time. She genuinely cares for her clients. Her work has helped me change my life for the better. I recommend Ann highly.”

J.M., Auckland, New Zealand

“Ann introduced me to Reiki/Spirit Healing, after I participated in one of her workshops. Her personal graciousness, openness and ease with the uncomfortable feelings of 'not knowing' attracted me. I came to the Reiki experience as a seeker of self healing, like someone with a wounded heart. Surgery and the death of a loved one had shaken my way of being and traditional medicine wasn't providing solace. Through Ann's Reiki, my seeking was addressed...for which I will be forever grateful.”

R.M., Auckland, New Zealand

“I've had an amazing and unexpected experience from our session, and this had a profound and positive effect on my state of being ever since. Energetic healing can be hard to understand or explain, but what I had experienced with Ann brought a new and pure quality and balanced the flow of my energy on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. I'm very grateful to have come across and have the opportunity to have a healing by someone as capable in her field as Ann Kerwin.”

N.F., Auckland, New Zealand

“Ann is a godsend. I had been to see her in New Zealand and now contact her from abroad for distance healing and intuitive counsel. When my life had fallen apart, Ann helped me to remain centred and hopeful and, with her advice and healing I began to rebuild on a much firmer foundation. Among all the people I could have contacted, I am so happy to have found Ann.”

B.P., Queensland, Australia

“Ann has a beautiful energy about her. She is passionate and committed to healing in others. I always find my sessions to be wonderfully enlightening experiences. No matter how perturbed I have been, I always feel very settled and at peace with myself during and after my treatment. Thank you Ann for sharing your knowledge and experience. You have empowered me in my healing journey.”

M.N., Auckland, New Zealand

“Reiki with Ann was a powerful experience that unburdened me of some emotional pain I'd been feeling during a difficult time in my life. What was really special about the treatment was the steady pace of positive change that occurred in my life in the weeks and months afterwards. The calm that I felt after the session endured and gave me clear sight and confidence in navigating my way through and eventually out of that trying period.”

A.C., Auckland, New Zealand

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