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Open Pathways to Your Unique Intuitive Universe.

You are intuitive. You know it. And you want to grow it. In this workshop, you won’t learn “the ten essential secrets that every intuitive must know” nor the “twelve infallible tips for mind blowing psychic pronouncements.” Rather you will focus on how your intuition works to help you heal, bless and prosper. Expect to enjoy a fun interactive day and (to help you to build confidence and your intuitive foundations) electronic follow-up. 

Price:  $95 (includes electronic follow-up) 

Registration:  Pay $30 non-refundable electronic deposit in advance and the remainder on the workshop day. 

Spaces are limited! 

Please Note: 
It is important, for intuitive development, to be in a safe, supportive community. Offering these workshops as a series allows you to “journey” with the same people during and between workshops and thus, together, to blossom.